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Sept. 9, 2014

Merlins Miracles Visits Shriners Childrens Burn Hospital

Merlin’s Miracles Executive Director Norma Guerra recently spent two days at the Children’s Burn Hospital in Galveston and assisted over 22 families whose children are inpatients due to severe burns.

One particular family met was a grandfather with his two year old granddaughter from Oxaca, Mexico. The two-year old was burned over 60% of her body after falling into an open fire outside where the family would boil water and cook their meals. The two-year old has a loving mom and dad, but could not be with her because of a language barrier so the only solution was for her grandfather to stay with her.

They have been there since Dec 1, 2011 and return home is months away. During this time the grandfather must learn how to change her dressings, giver her baths and much more. Another family met was a mom and her 10 year old daughter there since November 11, 2011. The 10 year old sustained 70 % burns after a barbeque pit exploded as she was standing next to her dad, who also sustained burns and was sent to a different hospital. Their eight-year old son was not injured and has been staying with his grandparents in San Juan, TX. The entire family was able to see each other for the first time since the accident in late January. Mom and daughter are still at Shriners and are hoping to return home soon.

The hospital receives up to eight children who have been burned every week, along with a family member that stays with the child every day. Rooms and meals are provided for the family member but they do not get the everyday necessities such as personal items or clothes for the children once they are able to walk. It is normally a long process before they can return home.

Merlin’s Miracles would like to thank Face the Fire Organization for assisting us with one particular family in great need. Thank you to everyone who has donated or bought t-shirts from our organization. Along with assisting other families in other states we are committing to visit Galveston often.

Christmas comes early for Alondra!

Story coming soon, but click to see all the pictures from the event we had with Knotz Hair Studio.

Norma accepting the award for Merlin's Hall of Fame honor

New York Senator Adriano Espaillat presents Ms Norma Guerra of Merlin's Miracles an award on June 14,2011 in honor of Marine Sgt Merlin German getting inducted into the New York Veteran's Hall of Fame.

Sgt. Merlin German Way unveiled!

To honor Sgt. Merlin German, who was born and raised in Washington Heights (New York City), the corner of 189th st. and St. Nicholas will forever be known as Sgt. Merlin German way.

The street re-naming took place Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 11 a.m. It was a great turnout and everyone involved is thankful to the city of New York for never letting Sgt. German's sacrifices be forgotten.

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